Races and club practice cancelled, now what?

My current plan comes to an end in just two weeks. I have gone through, SSB I and II, General build and finally rolling road race speciality. To my dismay everything but elite level races are on hold where I live, that includes all weekly club training sessions as well. Now to my question, how do I proceed with my training with no A-race in sight once speciality is done? Should I do a block of base followed by a block of build and hope the club rides are back on the menu by then? Or is it more profitable in the long run to go back to base and repeat the cycle?

Seems like a polarized block could be useful in this situation.

Hey @Whatisfuzz ! Same issue here… my A-Race should have taken place by the end of may. But as everything is still canceled and I really doubt that anything will come up soon i finished my training plan, took a mid season break (two weeks of reduced volume and fun rides) and today I am starting fresh into a new circle.

Now I am planning my A-Race for the end of august/beginning of september. That gives me the chance to focus again on strength training and in the end I hope to achieve an even higher ftp-number while still not feeling burned out.

Last year I made the mistake of just extending my season. When races finally came around again, I felt completly burned. I was tired all the time, my legs felt like stone and I completly plateaued.

So I would recommend: Take a small mid season break to regain a bit of freshness. And then start with base again. I would recommend using plan builder and see what the system brings up. As you got already a lot of training in by now, shorten the base phase by putting down “advanced” into the questionnaire.

Hope I could help!

I spent a LOT of time on base while kind of in a “wait and see” mode.

LOTS of base.

I got to the point where I was most of the way through sweet spot high volume, when I got some physiological testing and was told it’s time to change it up lol.

Now I’m going polarized, which is looking almost like base on intervals.icu, but doing some REALLY targeted vo2 max, lots of fatmax work, and then finally just going and having fun, and working on 30s-5 minute power on fun attacks and climbs.

Currently in the best shape of my life, so continuing the trend, and feeling pretty fresh for it.

Thank you all for chiming in. I will take a look at both polarized and what the scheduler suggests.