Racer safety opinion piece on Cycling Tips

Interesting to read the opinion of someone racing at the very pointy end of the sport (and some rather interesting views from people racing from armchairs - like me).

I feel there are some very good points for things like MIPS (or equivalent) being compulsory and Dyneema sheets so the fabric doesn’t get abraided away in a crash. Plus the shitty, and differing, state of some barriers.

Lots of the things mentioned would be zero or minimal cost and would improve racing and viewing, no one wants to see Gee’s arse after he’s slid down the road again! Plus if it trickles down to amateur kit I’d like to keep my skin if I crash.
Another thought if you’re a parent and your minion is just getting into racing seeing the effects of crashing mitigated would be good, I’m not sure if I had a kid and saw some of the barriers exploding I’d be entirely happy with letting them race. But I’m not and I guess driven junior racers would do their best to race regardless so might be a moot point.

One of the comments referenced Group B rallying and that is a brilliant example I feel where safety was totally neglected, sitting on fuel tanks in a Delta S4 who on earth thought that was wise, then after too many deaths of racers and spectators things improved and it’s not lost any of it’s excitement.

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Looking at how much auto racing has invested in understanding driver safety in their sport vs cycling is kind of shocking. The culture that auto racing has around safety at all levels is pretty impressive.

If cycling could get to half that it would be amazing. Ironically I think it is ‘easier’ to protect a driver going 200mph around a track than it is a rider going 35mph down the road in a peloton. Way more than shrugging and saying we put some styrofoam on his head can be done though.

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I thought it was easily one of the best pieces written this year and I hope the UCI listens.

If MotoGP can figure out how to help its riders survive crashes better, then I imagine we could do the same for cyclists with a little ingenuity.