Race the Best of Both Race

I am training for the Race the Best of Both in Bend, Oregon the end of June. There is a lot of climbing for this race on both the road portion and mountain bike portion. Should I devote a day to outdoor hill repeats or are workouts on TR sufficient for this type of training? I am currently in the Build Phase on TR. In addition to the TR sessions, I get out on my mountain bike once a week and I am trying to get in one long ride on my road bike once a week.

I did the Best of Both last year with a fair amount of Zwift racing prior. I wasn’t training towards that particular goal though and didn’t do as good as I think I could have with more focused training (Trainerroad).

The main thing is setting a pace you can maintain for 4-7 hours which will mostly be based off a percentage of your FTP.

Are you racing to place or racing to finish? If to place, get that FTP up as high as possible and I’d focus on sustained type training plans. If to finish? Well… I guess the same thing :smile:
Good luck and maybe see ya there! I signed back up as soon as registration came open. It was my favorite race last year!
Edit: not sure I explicitly answered your question :slight_smile: as far as fitness, Trainerroad will get you there. If you’re gonna do any outdoor training, I’d make it the outdoor offerings that Trainerroad has now or with bike handling skills in the MTB of your aren’t comfortable with that. There’s a lot of flow on the MTB section, but some techy chunk here and there as well.

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