Race results relatively to RLGL

Not a question, just an interesting observation.

Track season started last week and in the first races I felt ok, but not great. I felt like I had my snap but couldn’t hold power after very well. I was confused and slightly bummed (still had fun though) because I had been training consistently and didn’t get what was going on.

I looked back at my calendar and saw the RLGL for the week before and that made things make more sense:

The Sunday before I’d done a big anaerobic workout and RLGL predicted the need for rest most of the rest of the week.

Also, that Sunday workout I pushed passed the target TSS (not on purpose, I’m still figuring out how to hit targets on outdoor workouts):

But yeah, in retrospect it makes sense that I would feel taxed going into those races. I’m paying more attention now so hopefully I can avoid the same mistake :slight_smile:

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Good observations here!

I think that’s a great example of how RLGL can help you determine what might be going on with your training/racing if you’re feeling some fatigue. Kudos on doing that retrospective – I’m sure it will help you with your future races!

Fortunately, it’s just the start of the season now – plenty of time to dial things in for next time! :muscle:

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@ZackeryWeimer definitely. I do weekly races at the track, so we had the second race night last week.

I had another weekend workout where I got a red light after and I was more mindful of my recovery the days leading up to Thursday night races. My performance was much better and I didn’t feel the fatigue in my legs this time.

It’s definitely awesome to have RLGL in my back pocket as another metric to consider when prepping for a race :raised_hands:t5: