Quitting a race/anxiety

Thanks. I reckon next summer i’ll have a look at some closed circuit/aerodrome races.

Hang in there! I’m 47 and just started racing CX last year. I had only ever been on the road prior to that. I’ve had the experience you described. In my first race I went from last on the grid (about 50th) to around 10th on lap 1, then back to about 40th after lap 2. Wondering would I even live through lap 3 :slight_smile:
In my case I figured out that it was down to the skills I had never developed. I was trying to ride too fast for my skill level, which inevitably left me gassed early, and several times on the ground. I have found out that it’s faster to even out the pace, particularly lap 1. I also joined a great training ride that focuses on skills. Taking my time, doing the corners, etc more skillfully is much faster than than picking myself up off the ground. There are some very good youtube videos on CX skills.
For one race I saw it more as a time trial and that helped. Forget the others on the course and just focus on your best even-paced effort. Do what you would do in a race in terms of sprints out of corners, etc, but don’t try to hold a wheel of a clearly faster rider to the point that you blow up.
At 47 I’m only looking to beat the Race Predictor, but it’s become so much more fun now that I have some notion of what I’m doing. That panic is gone.
Good luck!


we all have bad days where things come unraveled, so I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself! don’t forget that pre-race #s are just a small piece of racing, yadda yadda.

All that aside, I’d ask yourself why you weren’t feeling into the race. Because the position was slipping, or is it deeper, like why am I out here? I’ve had similar thoughts having turned 40 this year and getting married in 2020; but looking back season over season, reflecting on the people that have come into my life, the experiences, the personal growth, etc etc (sorry to get all meta here), and it was REALLY helpful in refocusing on why I’m still doing this 13 years later (still a newbie IMHO, so much to still learn)

  1. So young. Will call that one out: get outta here with that!

LFG whichever way you find yourself going; discover some happiness with the bike.

But yeah, I’d toe the line again. No placing expectations except to HAVE FUN!


I’m sure that’s what I will end up doing, but you’d think the training plan could take into account when races are entered. How am I supposed to know which workout to skip? If AI can adjust the plan every time I log on, you’d think it would be able to adjust when I enter in a race (especially considering that it asks for discipline, time, and effort levels for each). I don’t know, maybe I have reached the limits of what TR can offer and should seek a human coach for answers to these questions.

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As someone with lots of mental issues (adhd, anxiety, insomnia), I would actually advice against signing up for another race this season unless you are willing to set a different goal and you trust yourself to stick to it.

Racing is just one part of the sport and it sounds like it is the part that is bringing the least amount of joy at the moment. Either find a way to enjoy racing or take a break from it.

Probably a silly example, but imagine if you ate the same cheeseburger for dinner every night and all of a sudden you stopped enjoying it. You take a bite into it, put it down and think to yourself “this is gross, why I am eating this”. Would you have it a couple more times to make sure you are really not enjoying it or would you try a different food (taking a break) or try a different cheeseburger (finding a new way to enjoy racing)?

Anyway, I have had to change my perspective on racing a few times over the last couple of years and it has made me enjoy it even more.