Quinn Simmons power numbers + training leading up to Yorkshire

I thought this was an interesting read. 18 years old. Geez… :fire::muscle:


Well that was depressing :rofl:


And that’s how you get signed to a WT team the next day.


Those numbers are crazy. He’s got the potential to be a great single day racer.

CyclingTips has a great interview with him and he talks about wanting to be the first American to win Roubaix.


His ride at Leadville was mindbending…

I love how they refer to him as ‘bulky’ in that article.


That was a good read actually, 18 and pulling those wattage’s, he’s just signed his future paychecks. Amazing.

I was like I’m a touch over 6ft and a touch under 160lbs!

And then they called me fat :frowning:

Let’s hope he’s more LeMond-ish than Evanshine-esque. :flushed:

LV100 NP 307w (4.5 w/kg)
WC NP 384w (5.3 w/kg)

Matt Hayman’s P-R win:
NP 351w (3.82 w/kg)

He just might be able to pull it off.

Well, at least Magnus got a mention. That article makes it sound like Sheffield’s contribution was de minimus. I think it was of primary importance. Remember Magnus Sheffield. He was the US Rider of the Race at that World Championships. To me, anyhow.

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and to Christian van de Velde. To still get third, just awesome

I think he could do it. He’s got the power numbers. Has shown he can do long solo breaks/rides. And with his MTB background is used to putting power down on rough surfaces. He also seems to have the right confidence + determination to really compete.

Quinn, Sheffield, McNulty, and Garrison are all huge young prospects, and I expect more to come down the pipe in the US.

NICA (High School MTB racing) is a game changer. Our worlds group ride had 2 teenagers and 50 masters 5 years ago. Now we have 30 teenagers and 30 masters, and those kids are literally running some of the older riders out of the sport (they’re so fast the older core that used to lead the ride is 5 minutes down).


Community supported programs are key. Hats off to the people that volunteer to make them a reality and the kids that go for a ride instead of playing Angry Birds or other game on their phones.


Yes, please. Some American please erase Hincapie stem from my memory.

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why cant they do both? no one is on a bike 24/7

(though i think the yuths these days are on fortnite)

And for good reason: it’s the highest paying esport game. :joystick::moneybag: