Quick Workout Question

Looking for a 60/75min workout for tonight that does some decent microburst work but gives more rest than work (i.e. 15/30’s or 20/40’s rather than the standard 30/30’s or 40/20’s).

Microbursts are a weakness currently and i struggle to complete something like Ansel Adams or Junction.

I’m sure there must be something but doing a search gave me about 500 different microburst workouts to trawl through.


Maybe this could become a generic ‘suggest me a work out’ thread, I think that would be really useful when you fancy something a little different.

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I have often thought there just needs to a “quick workout question” thread.
Short questions, quick answers etc…

Tried to have a quick look myself, and I’m not so sure that there are any with the work/rest ratio you’re after, but you can definitely make your own custom workout with those timings.

The idea behind 30/30’s and 40/20’s is they allow you to accumulate a lot of time working at vo2 max without having to sustain 3-4 minute stretches. Adding more rest to each interval drastically reduces the quality of the workout as you’re not staying at peak oxygen uptake. Either take a single interval off if you’re totally out of breath or reduce by 2-3%


The shortest work intervals that had longer rest were 1min/2min workouts. I don’t think there are any microburst workouts like you are describing. I would suggest either dialing the power target down (say from 135% to 130 or 125) or occasionally skipping an interval.

You could also download the workout creator and make one on your own.

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Thanks all, I’ll pick a 30/30 then and pick an easier version/skip intervals/dial down intensity as required.

Just hoping that I could find something already created.

Anyone else should feel free to add their own quick questions below. The group mind is much more powerful than individual brains. Let’s help each other out with the little queries…