Question regarding planning on the calendar feature

So what I’d like to do, starting in two weeks, is to begin ssb1. I’ll be shifting the schedule to a M W F format and supplementing a long Saturday ride outdoors.

My question is: any way to preset the third workout of the week to become a 1 hour variant instead of the normal 1.5 hour? On weekdays I train at around 4 am, and dont have much time to do more than an hour. I understand you can do this manually but I was just wondering if there was something I could do to change this across the board. The 1 hour M W F format will be kept through the entire base/build/specialty.

Nothing automatic for setting time of workouts.

Must be done manually after adding the plan, like you said

You could just ride one hour of the prescribed workout. I do this sometimes. Pausing and scrubbing forward to warmdown.