Question on Carbs/Calories

Thanks @dhengen ,

Yes definitely more factors going into
my weight increase, and attributing simply to carb intake on the bike is foolish…


  1. I stopped regular cycling,strength and swimming for almost 12 weeks - kept running (interestingly I lost a few kgs)
  2. As soon as I added swimming and cycling back in weight moved up immediately

A lot of other personal environmental factors too…

I guess I’m really just interested in the benefit and or detrimental effects of consuming more carbs on the bike than carbs burnt during exercise
I believe our body will use the carbs first over glycogen stores, does this detrain our body’s to use glycogen effectively/efficiently if we’re always tied up with carbs?

Thanks @baronbiosys

Appreciate the input, I think you nailed it with how “how you feel” after a ride when sufficient carbs are consumed.

My last tempo ride when I consumed carbs on bike that almost matched Carbs burnt, I felt surprisingly fresh afterwards

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Thanks @carytb - seems I’m on the right track more or less, amazing how many more carbs consumed when comparing a tempo ride to a Sustained Sweet Spot workout, in my case almost double

I remember a quote on an @empiricalcycling podcast a few months ago “When you are riding at VO2max you are churning through carbs like a Gatling Gun” - a very evocative description. When I glance down at my Garmin at those intensities the numbers in the Xert carb field are changing with frightening speed!

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fair warning I’m overly simple on things like this because it’s easy to make it complicated: it’s only too much if you’re gaining weight. I’m very pro carb for all the reasons someone listed below, and have 13g extra carbs is so little! Don’t stress this! Worry about bigger gaps in your training that need time and attention.

Good luck!


Sounds like a good approach :ok_hand: - I always get stuck in the detail :sweat_smile:

I guess it’s simply good practice regardless of the ride duration,
I’m sure on a 1 hour ride my body has more than enough glycogen stored to meet the demands (I’m estimating 400-600grams)
But - taking in 30-60grams of carbs on ride is certainly not going to hurt