Quarq AXS Spider & Iphone App


I’ve been using a Quarq AXS Spider for a few weeks now and have noticed significantly too low readings compared to my Assioma Duo and my Wahoo Kickr V5.

So have tried via the AXS Iphone app to perform a calibration. Without success. The app loads and loads and loads without successfully completing the calibration. What happens during the (unsuccessful) calibration, however, is that the slope is changed from 8.86 to 8.00.

Calibration was only possible via the Wahoo app and always resulted in a value of around -200.

So I used a friend’s AXS Android app to reset the slope to factory settings. Then performed the calibration, which works in the Android app. As a value now always appears around the -50.

Does anyone use a Quarq Spider with the AXS Iphone App and works the calibration there? Or does the Iphone app just have a bug?

I know that since MagicZero you actually no longer need to calibrate, but since my Quarq displayed strange values I did it.