Quandary on PM and outside workout

Real first world problem here. I’m riding my gravel bike more than my road bike this time of year. It has Shimano 105 5800 on it which is 11 speed and hydraulic brakes. My road bike doesn’t have mudguard mounts too so it’s a fair weather bike. It too is 105 but 7000 series but also 11 speed. It also has a P2Max PM on.
With it being Black Friday soon I’ve found a couple of tempting offers on crank based single sided PMs for shjmano R7000 105.

So - do I buy one of these cranks so I can do outside workouts on the gravel bike, or
Swap over the P2Max that I already have between the two bikes, or
Something else?

I don’t like introducing too many “truths” into my life but like the ldea of doing more outside workouts over the coming months.

Anyone any thoughts?

And if it doesn’t happen this week it just won’t happen at all…

Simplest might just be two buy a single sided PM for the 5800.
By having the P2 Max you should have a good idea of any imbalances left to right.

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Depending on what P2M he has, it’s total power not dual. And the cheaper ones don’t have left/right balance (which is estimated anyway)

I’m a fan of simplicity so get a PM for the bike that doesn’t have one yet.


Or get PM pedals. Assioma price just dropped.

Thanks but I run SPDs and can’t be doing with the messing about changing pedal bodies. May just get a single sided crank arm meter…

Yep - haven’t got the one with L R balance though i can add it later if i wish but can’t see the point.