Quality of outdoor workouts

Hey, i love the new option doing the workouts outdoors. However they look to be created in a rush. They are full of mistakes or arent consistent to your own set of rules (rest to lap key e.g). Please put some love to detail and raise them to the same quality of your indoor workouts. thx


Round Bald+3 has some issues too. There seems to be an extra cool down interval before each of the 20-min sub-threshold interval. Workout was done using Edge 830

Antelope +1 had the end of the warmup block first…same issues experienced w/ the lap key on that workout. no auto cycling through the intervals.

Agree it’s annoying. I found a typo in a workout I was about to do, but I just contacted support to let them know and it was fixed within a couple of hours.

I’m not uploading them to a device yet though so have to read the workout text in advance to know what I’ll be doing.