Pushing back a week after illness

So Id just completed SSB1 and was due to start SSB2 this week, all well and good. I had my booster jab on Monday and that knocked me off my stride for a few days so I pushed my Tuesday ramp test to Wednesday (yesterday) and it showed a decrease in my FTP but if Im honest didnt really feel engaged with the test. So Id rather do some bespoke SS / z2 this week get my mojo back and start ssb2 next week.

With that in mind other than deleting weeks and redepositing the workouts in the weeks how can I push the workouts all back a week ? If I do this will it knacker up the AT algorithm? I did a quick search and looks like the feature was available and may of been removed ?

Anyway suggeestions appreciated. :slight_smile:

I would just use Train Now this week, let AT make any adjustments it feels to subsequent workouts and just carry on without pushing any weeks. Should sort itself out :slight_smile:

The Push/Pull week feature was removed from the calendar a while ago, slightly annoying in a first world manner.

The current way to do what you want is to click on a day in the calendar and from the resulting popup choose “Add an Annotation”. In the next dialog give a reason and enter a start and end date and then your plan should be adjusted.

Thanks for the information. I wanted to complete a ramp test ahead of starting SSB2 not only to ensure my zones are accurate but to see progress from completion f SSB1

I tried the Annotation function - it then wanted to adjust my workouts going forward that wasnt helpful as I want to do the ramp test and do all the workouts (unlike many people Im not training for a specific event)

Suppose I could just do a Train Now this week and a ramp test next week but not amend anything. Probably over thinking this

Yeah, the annotation method triggers AT to do its thing whereas Pushing a week didn’t.

Your options:

  1. Skip this week’s workouts and just schedule a Ramp Test as the first workout of next week.
  2. Use Train Now for this week and schedule a Ramp Test for next week.
  3. Use the annotation feature and let AT do its thing and swap out a workout for the Ramp Test. Do what you feel you can this week.

If you aren’t training for a specific event and since you’ve just completed SSB1 none of the above will have any significant detrimental impact on your training. I’d be inclined to do number 3 - AT will change your workouts anyway as you progress through the block.

Thats what I would do :slight_smile:

Its actually what I’m doing! I was supposed to ramp test this week but had my Jab sunday evening and didnt want to push my heart that hard so soon. So I used Train Now yesterday, might do a prescribed one today and ramp next week. AT will sort it all out.

Yup thanks for the info Ill not over engineer the solution. Do what I can this week (its Christmas as well and my wife will divorce me if I train xmas day :wink: ) do a ramp next week and get back into the flow.

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I redid my FTP this week and got a 6.6% increase (compared to a 4% decrease post booster) and am now continuing with SSB2 all good :wink: