Pulling TP workouts further out than 48 hours

Newbie question. Using Ride Sync can you “pull” future TP workouts for the week into TrainerRoad that are beyond 48 hours ?

I believe it pulls the next 3 days. Today is Saturday and I can see TP workouts for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on my TrainerRoad calendar.

It seems to pull today and the next 2 days, 3 in total.

@kiwibrewer May I ask, why is it necessary to pull more? What’s the use case or need? Only workout(s), for multiple workouts, of the day matters to me.

my guess is it might be deliberate and perhaps part of the licensing agreement to prevent people sharing other coaches training plans from inside TP - TP is set up to make sure sharing their coach plans is pretty much impossible - and perhaps vica versa from TR?

On Saturday, yesterday, it had pulled workouts for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So that was today and the next 3 days. :man_shrugging:

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That’s weird. I don’t have Wed workout today.


Same here, no Wed workout yet. You know I thought it was next 2 days and was surprised to see next 3 days.


Apologies I’ve been ‘out of circulation’.

Thanks for the replies. Main reason for wanting to pull more than 48 hours for me is ensuring my week is all ‘set’ in TR from my TP account. Couple of times I’ve headed to basement to train and the workout hasn’t synced across for whatever reasons. I then spend time going between my devices syncing, then as we all know other issues occur with bluetooth occasionally, you forget to calibrate your trainer, cos you’re flustered you forget your fresh towel, due to getting even more annoyed with yourself you hit your workout pissed off… what a dickhead I am !!! So yeah that was the main reason for pulling say a week across. I realise now that a bit of forward planning goes a long way and based on your replies and my own sorting my sh*t out most of my life problems are solved. Thank you all . Chris