PSA: Dr. Seiler's Webinars Available by Becoming a Free Fast Talk Labs Member

For those interested, Fast Talk Labs has made access to over 40 lectures, webinars, and interviews with Dr. Stephen Seiler! free by just signing up for a free listener member

I’m not affiliated with Fast Talk Labs, I just thought given all of the animated discussions on this topic, that folks would find being able to watch / read Dr. Seiler helpful. Or at least thought provoking.

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Is anyone paying for a higher level membership? I’ve been listening to the podcast from day one but I was surprised by the pricing of their higher level offerings. $240/year seems high to look at their video library and have forum access. But maybe it’s priceless if the content is incredible?

I also seem to think they had an even higher level with some included 1:1 coaching but that option seems to have vanished.

I just got an email about revised access options: