Prompted to rate app after every workout

Hi all. Is anyone else prompted to rate the TR app after every workout, despite having already done so (Android version)? It’s a bit irritating!

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No, not in the windows 10 and desktop app

That sounds like a bug for

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I know you are having issue with the android app, but unsolicited review prompts are commun problem. I don’t have your problem on my Android phone.

Just in case and for Apple users, I want to share that iOS let you chose not to be prompted to review app. You can opt out in AppStore settings of your device.


+1, I am afflicted by this problem too.
If I recall, this was an issue before that had been corrected, I seem to remember it being noted in the Android app release notes.

Yes I’ve been having this on Android. This week I’ve switch to an old Windows PC instead so it doesn’t bother me anymore, but it was getting VERY annoying - especially since I had already rated the app 5 stars. All it made me want to do is reduce the rating…

Yep, it’s been happening to me too. And yes, I have also already given a rating. I assumed it was some sort of automatic thing from the play store, as in ‘you have used the app XXX times since your last rating, so we have to ask’.

HI all,

As @TStrainer mentioned, this was an issue that we addressed a few months ago. It looks like our latest Android release brought the issue back, unfortunately. Thanks for making us aware!

We will certainly will have another release in the near future to get rid of this request “spam” again. In the meantime, I apologize for the annoyance. :frowning:


Thanks. I’m oddly much happier knowing you guys just screwed up than are intentionally spamming for reviews :grin:

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I have good news!

We pushed out an update to our Android production and beta apps which should stop this review request spam. Let us know how it goes once you’re able to update! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the replies and the usual excellent response from the guys at TR. I didn’t want to jump straight to the step of formally reporting it, in case it was something particular to my device, or maybe my Play Store account. I’ll update and check after my next workout (this Friday).