Progression levels calculation - custom workout from vo2max 1 to 10 with a 33 minutes ftp test

According to the plan I had a ramp test to do.
Instead I created a custom ftp test rated as 10.4 vo2max :

  • 10 minutes at 89%
  • 15 minutes from 89% to 97%
  • 15 minutes from 97% to 120% (I stopped at 8 minutes this time)

So with this single 33 minutes workout, my vo2max score went from 1 straight to max 10.

Just a quick message to know if it is working as intended.

Anyway thank you for the constant progress of the software, pretty cool to see what workout to do as achievable, productive. In a pretty good shape thank you.

Custom workouts and progression levels do not match up that good.


Will my custom workouts have Workout Levels?

Yes, all TrainerRoad workouts and custom workouts should have Workout Levels assigned to them, but at this point, we can’t endorse the Workout Levels of custom workouts. Currently, Workout Levels are calculated uniquely for custom workouts and are not comparable to the Workout Levels of workouts in the TrainerRoad workout library.

Levels V2 (our developer’s highest priority) will account for this, and all unstructured rides and workouts when making adjustments to your Progression Levels and for future workouts.