Progression- how will it affect me?


I am currently in the final week of short power build low volume. I ride my bike for about 10 to 12 hours per week as I add more endurance rides. Although I use my trainer year-round, I also do outside workouts which add 30-40 TSS on top of the original workout as I need to ride for some time (on steep hills!) to get to quiet roads where I can do my intervals. As a Zwift user, I arbitrarily choose group rides to join on the days which I don’t have a trainerroad workout, and sometimes these zwift rides are long. The progression for the second half of short power build has been:

Week 1: 738TSS (I did 2 one hour runs and I am pretty sure the TSS is under/over estimated).
Week 2: 553TSS(I did 3 runs per week. 2 one hour runs and one 30 minute run. All were done at ~150bpm heart rate which is the tempo(power) HR for cycling)
Week 3: Pretty sure it will be more than 553 TSS.

So the question is, should I strictly follow the progression? I chose a low volume plan so I can mix it up with endurance rides and I also find it easier to stick to a low volume plan.

If you can recover from the z2 work more basically never hurts. Keep it low enough intensity that you can do the hard stuff, but more is better.

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progression isn’t limited to TSS. the progression you want to follow is like this: Week1=21 minutes spent in V02, Week 2=28minutes spent in V02. Etc.

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so even if I were to reduce my volume next week, will I still be able to make those adaptations? My FTP is 302w(4.1w/kg) and I am aiming for a higher FTP. There are no long climbs where I live so w/kg doesn’t mean much to me.