Program advice after Vacation

Hi All,

I am currently 6 weeks away from my first Century and I have just had a 14 day vacation where I had to use a Life Fitness Gym Bike with no Watts measure so used RPE. During the 14 Days I completed Weeks 3 and 4 of Century but it was far from ideal.

If I repeat the 2 weeks with Trainerroad then I will finish the Century Plan just before my ride but I’m not sure what the best plan would be.

  1. Do I just do Week 5 and do the ramp test and carry on from there?

  2. Repeat weeks 3 and 4 and increase or decrease the intensity depending on how I feel and whether I have lost any conditioning?

  3. Something else?

Thanks for any advice.


For some reason I read the subject as “Program advice after Vatican” and I was intrigued.

As to your question - it sounds like you have done the training already and if you do not repeat the 2 weeks you wil have 2 weeks spare before the event.

In that case I would just repeat the two weeks as it will be good training anyway


I probably need some divine intervention.

Cheers John that is correct regarding the 6 weeks and was the conclusion that I had come to but wanted to check it out with people who have more experience than me.