Procedurally Generated Workouts

@Nate_Pearson Have you ever considered making a shift into procedurally generated workouts vs. a library of pre-built workouts? From an AT perspectively, it seems like a natural evolution to have the system prescribe (generate) exactly best possible workout within certain parameters (time, workout level, interval type, etc.).

For non-AT usage, it would also be an amazing addition to Train Now, where instead of clicking refresh continuously to get an appealing option - you could just pout in some parameters and click “generate”.


We don’t see what’s underneath the hood, but I have a suspicion that the flood of new workouts and variations that came with AT were generated that way - maybe not all the way, but probably as progressions from a base structure.

Underlying your request is that there is some magic “best” workout for you to do on a specific day that will lead to more improvement than a “generic” / pre-canned workout. No research I’ve seen can even on a population level, let alone a N=1 level, figure out what is the most productive series of workouts over an extended period of time. Let alone at the individual workout level.

So stay tuned til Adaptive Training 2200 for this to roll-out :rofl:


Not looking for magic, but the ability to get an on-demand generation of something like “give me 20min of VO2 Max work, in 2-4min intervals over a 90m session”.

Honestly just having better filters for the canned workouts would be helpful. Sometimes to find a workout with the right intervals you need to hope the workout summary has some keywords you can search for.

First question goes back to my original post: why are you looking for something so specific? Is it because you think that very specific workout is what you need on that day? Or you just feel like doing that specific workout?

This level of specificity is sort of what custom workout builder is for: if there isn’t a TR workout exactly as you want / like, make your own

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