Pro Road Racing thread 2021 (spoilers)

Fernando Gaviria carajo !!! :colombia: :colombia: :colombia: :colombia: :colombia:
It’s been a while.

Good run for the Colombian sprinters this last month: Molano x 2, Hodeg and now Gaviria.

Remco again, descending and missing the curve. This issue deserves an intervention, the poor kid needs help. I don’t know if he can do it while competing and having all that internal/external pressure to be the best.

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Yeah it looked like he got scared and used the opportunity of the straight road to bail out of the curve.
I can understand that he might still be a bit traumatised from his horrific crash, but I agree he aint gonna win a GT like this.
Hope they send him to descending boot camp over the winter.


You wonder if all these guys use a Garmin with the course loaded? When I road courses with a map loaded, I run the map screen and it clearly shows me if a sharp turn is coming up.

Neilson Powless credited his Garmin a couple of weeks ago for helping him get a win. Half his group piled up on a sharp corner but he knew it was coming because he was watching the map on his Garmin.

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I too use the Garmin to get a look ahead at oncoming curves when descending. It helps to already be familiar with the descent, but especially familiar withe the relationship of curve shapes on the Garmin relative to what that means in terms of real world speed.

That said, I know many who cannot look at their Garmin while descending :man_shrugging: This includes both kamikaze guys and slow guys.

UAE’s Juan Ayuso, aka “the next wonder boy”, crashed and out of Tour de l’avenir. :confounded:

Alvaro Hodeg wins again. Mainly against Merlier. This is a lower level 1 day race, but vindication of his current good form nevertheless. :colombia: :colombia: :colombia:

Anybody watch the European Champs?

Or more importantly, who’s excited for World’s, and does MVdP have a team that can support him against the Belgians?

I don’t think MVP’s team is the question….it is his back. I know he just won that race in Antwerp, but that is still a far cry from World’s or Roubaix. Hopefully he is in top form by then.

But as for his team, the Dutch should have plenty of strong riders to support him.

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I watched the road race yesterday. I thought Evenepoel botched it by doing all that work and taking Colbrelli to the line. Questions come to mind…

Did Evenepoel really think he could outsprint Colbrelli?

Was Evenepoel happy with a guaranteed second? (I think not.)

Is he just inexperienced?

If we stipulate that Evenepoel can’t outsprint Colbrelli then he had to do something else … anything else. Refuse to work, try a cagey attack at 800m or 1km out. Something…


He only had one shot to beat Colbelli and that was to drop him on the climb. After that Evenepoel could have sat in the commissaire’s car all the way to the finish and he still wouldn’t have been able to win.

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He could have tried anything else but what he did. Or maybe the team told him to suck it up and take 2nd or 1st if he somehow got lucky?

Caveat I’ve only seen the last km, a bit behind with the catchup…

But isn’t this Evenepoel through and through? Not a leading light in the tactical department.

Yes, he’s kind of new to cycling. After a soccer career that was going nowhere, he changed to cycling only four years ago.

You’d think that after he couldn’t drop Colbrelli on the climb he would have just told him that he wasn’t going to work at all. End of story. It would have been up to Colbrelli to bring them both to the line and still outsprint Evenepoel or try some other tactic. Every time Colbrelli was on the front, Evenepoel would quickly get impatient and come around him.

Stage 1 of the tour of Belgium - rode half the break off his wheel, obviously the strongest - lost the sprint.

Yes - he should have done something, but odds on he’ll get outsmarted 9/10 if he can’t boss his was to the line at the moment.

SOmewhat reminiscent of the 2011 Liege Bastogne Liege, where the Schleck bros went to the line with Gilbert. They never tried to one-two him, attack / counter, etc. Just were resigned to losing and rode with Gilbert all the way to the finish.

I get that sometimes you are in a “no win” situation, but damn…at least try, ya know?

Rather than riding Colbrelli off his wheel on the climb, I wonder about the strategy of attacking him hard multiple times.

I assume that Colbrelli is the more anaerobic rider and that Evenepoel is the more aerobic. Evenepoel can possibly recover faster from each effort. Maybe after a few attacks he could have worn Colbrelli down and created a separate and rode away.

I’m just thinking about of my arse here but his coach should know. I mean, it would be a battle about who could deplete whose FRC faster. Maybe they do not think it through this precisely in the heat of the moment?

I remember that well. Gilbert was looking around because he was more worried about Van Avermaet who was 30+ seconds behind.

Sometimes you just don’t have anything in the legs, end of story.