Pro Cycling Thread 2024

You forgot Roglic crashing in a grand tour


I can’t see any version in which the GC will be competitive - I’ll be watching a TdF minus Pog in my head and results tables. Who can vie for second?

Pog will likely ruin the other categories excepting sprinters, so a decent green jersey competition to watch…perhaps.

Let’s see how impactful the crashes were for Roglic and Remco, but I also did not think that they could seriously challenge Pogi, Imo it all comes down to Jonas and how fit he is, if he can challenge Pogi then we may have something and if those two play games then Remco or Reoglic could profit, but I think Pogi and Jonas on top form are just a bit stronger then the other two.

Hoping for a good stage today.

Maybe we get a first good week as some people think “I can’t win, so I’ll have a go” :pray::thinking:

I had just assumed you also considered Jonas a cheater since you consider pog one. Pog has been an empirically worse climber than him the last two seasons, what makes one suspicious and one not? Why only subtract pog from your gc results?

On competitiveness for this year’s tdf…I think we’re underestimating the impact of the giro on pogs form and hopefully overestimating the impact of yesterday’s crash. Not to say it’s trivial, but a crash like that three weeks out wouldn’t usually be a concern


Ayuso DNS today.

Yeah he looked the worst of from the top guys, sad to see. Now the question is if he is seriously hurt or if he still makes the Tour.

I think it’s a good working assumption. But not a certainty. Minga is too wrecked from crashes to feature. If he does, then they’ve found some ‘other’ way to out do Pog.

I can still enjoy watching, even with this cynicism. Not everyone can. My career/industry has the popular strategy of Zero Trust so it’s really no effort or problem for me to live in that world for my hobbies.

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So roglic looked good, tempo needs to hope he finds something in the next 3 weeks unless it was just crash related.

They also announced that the queen stage of the tour de Suisse has to be shortened to only 42km… The Nufenenpass and the alternative with the Furkapass are still closed due to too much Snow… Would have been a nice stage…

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There is a YouTube channel called cycling highlights (I think) that keeps pointing out all of the links that the teams have with dr’s of the past and it’s quite deflating. Some of it does make me chuckle ( Dracula Gianneti or son of the pigeon pie eater).

I’d like Roglic to win the tour but he won’t be able to match Pog I fear.

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Man that was close Roglic cracked on that stage… trench looked a bit better, but I don’t that either of them can really challenge Pig if he is on form. Let’s hope Jonas can be best 100%.

Also did anyone see the Tour of Britain Women stage 4 finish ? That was just hilarious. Kopecky braking to let majerus win and Majerus celebrating to early and getting second. Typical SD works…


Unless Philipsen and MVDP are teaming up again to take another 4+ stages this year :roll_eyes:

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Yep, thought it was bit disrespectful to try to engineer a finish like that imo

After watching Burgos, Ride London and the first 3 stages of ToB it was great to see someone else take a win! :joy:

I think it was a nice gesture, because I think it’s the last Season of Majerus, but honestly you should just go with kopecky if it plays out like that, else you should just have lead out Majerus and try to win like that.

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Man, how is it possible for the UCI to continue to miss the mark so badly re: the finish of sprint stages? During the Tour, they are going to test moving the line out to 5km but that still doesn’t solve the problem.

If there are no crashes, it doesn’t matter how far out the line is which means the GC riders will continue to try and stay up front and out of trouble. What they need to do is take the time for the GC at 3km (or 5km or whatever)…if you do that, the GC guys can literally sit up and then get out of the way.

This isn’t that complicated…

I think that would make it worse. Now you would have the GC guys pushing their sprint trains to go hard and take them to the 3Km line.

They are already doing that….

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Not really. On a sprint stage the GC guys stay with the train / pack, knowing that if they crash or puncture after the 3Km line their time will be the same as the riders that were with them at that time.
With what you are proposing, the GC guys would actually race to the 3km line. Then sit up.
Your proposal just moves the GC finish 3Km ahead.

Go watch any sprint stage finish from the Tour last year and you will see JV and UAE teams up front from well over 5K out….

Right…but what that doesn’t account for is breaks in the field that can occur because someone lets a gap open mid-field, so the GC teams keep their guys all the way at the front until the last possible moment, not at 3k

I’m pretty sure I watched them all :slight_smile: .

You are correct that the GC guys stay with their train to the finish, just as I said.
You are also correct that the current 3Km rule does not account for breaks in the field. And your proposal to put the GC finish line at 3Km does not either.

The proposed experiment should help though. Triggering a time gap at 50m instead of 17m will change the dynamic and allow the GC guys to back off a little in that final 3Km.

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