Pro Cycling Thread 2024

The last 50 km of the women’s race was some of the best racing of the season so far. Couldn’t agree more


While the right call, kinda gutted for Matthews to get relegated. The irony of him not shutting the door in MSR and potentially costing him the win and then deviating from his line in Flanders to get relegated off the podium. Ooof.


What?…Did Remco just lost a Time trial?

Mollema TT’s like I do :joy:

He crashed in the second corner apparently.

But he lost to a guy who missed the finish badly sooo…

Remco crashed. Roglic got lost and made a wrong turn. Then, I think got credited with the wrong time & even now it seems Roglic has the wrong time.

Is it me or have we seen a LOT of screwy time trial timing issues in the past 12 months?

Anyhow, that was probably one of the most interesting time trials of the past year and the coverage wasn’t the greatest. :frowning:

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And Soudal will be almost irrelevant in the classic season.

Roglic taking the wrong turn and still beating everyone was something.

Rog down with ~40km to go…clearly dazed but they got him going again. Not certain how well they did the concussion protocols. Dunno if he’ll make it back. Bunch isn’t really riding hard but they are 1 min back and a climb is coming up.

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He’s back in, but man, it seems really bad to let him out like that. Clearly dazed.

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Will be interesting to see how the favorites take this climb now…do they make a gentlemen’s agreement to just ride tempo and not attack?

Side note - I love watching Castroviejo on the front…he is so damn low and aero. His teammates must hate when he is on the front of their train! I get low and aero myself I know my buddies hate having to be on my wheel when I pull. :crazy_face:

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So which is better…crashing into barriers at breakneck speed to be at the front for the turn or hitting the cobbles at speed?

I don’t think this is going to solve the issue, personally.

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The idea is good, execution not so much. I suppose they are limited to what they have there with the roads and stuff, but surely they could have come up with a better solution?

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Oh schitt…major crash on a descent in Basque Country. Vingegaard and Roglic both down and not really getting up. JV looks to be in pretty bad shape…appear to be checking him for broken bones.

They went into a concrete ditch on the descent.

Vingegaard is awake but remains on his side…Rog is sitting up, but doesn’t look like he will be continuing. Remco went down as well…crashed in the grass but looks like he broke his collarbone.

Another rider (UAE?) is in a grass ditch and not moving at all.

They may need to neutralize the race ebcause all the ambulances are stopped at the crash site.

This season is so fucked


Race is now neutralized, it seems…

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Looks like Remco may have hit something…it was minor and subtle, but you can see his shoulders bounce. LIDL rider behind him locks up his brakes and Remco was then not able to hold his line in the turn and went off into the grass. Everyone else was a chain reaction behind those two.