Pro Cycling Thread 2024

I’m pretty sure Wout checks the boxes when it comes to the skills department.


Yep. Screw in tyre sees Wout van Aert finish last for the first time | GCN

Is he?

What skills that would reduce the risk of a tire puncture would a 3 time World Cx champion need to work on?


Did you read Sagan’s book? His coach used to say that he wouldn’t never win PR, because he was/is “too hard” in the cobbles - although the result we know :rofl:

He also blames himself for 2 punctures at the Rio Olympics. Poor line-chossing, etc. And he’s 3x world champion - in a row.

I’m not saying WVA isn’t a gifted rider. But when you play with the variables of one equation keeping one constant, and the result is the same…

Don’t you have a guy in your peloton who never - rarely - gets a flat tire? Do you think that is just luck?

Edited: I don’t like to credit luck - or lack of it - for bad or good results.

I don’t think in terms of luck, just probabilities, and it would be an interesting analysis to estimate, for any one rider, what value of X punctures in Y races (or Z miles, since we never hear about punctures in training) would be more than chance. In this particular case, I’m not sure what line choice could have done about a screw on a farm road.

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I am a little late to the party but Amber Kraak’s breakaway win in Stage 4 of the UAE tour was impressive considering the p̶a̶r̶k̶o̶u̶r̶ parcours.

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Parkour! (insert Office gif)

Parkour noun
The sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running:

Parcours - French for course.

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I promise you I knew that but I typed this quickly.

But I deserve to be put on blast for this. Fair play.


TBF I haven’t seen the stage, so it could have featured parkour a la Chris Froome on Ventoux in 2016.

Nice win beating Remco in the last portion of the climb!.

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So the UAE Tour got more interesting, with Yates out ( still baffled that there isn’t a protocol for crashes like this… Should have never been allowed back on the bike). And really nice attack from AG2R and good win for them. Don’t think O’Connor can beat vine on hefeet but at least it should be interesting.

Clean Camino starts today lets see if Vingegaard is already flying, overall a strong Startlist

His helmet saved his life there undoubtedly. I was surprised he was still able to ride another 40km before being pulled. Firstly I really hope for a speedy recovery. Concussions are scary and unpredictable and I hope he doesn’t have any residual symptoms. Secondly, predicated on his full recovery, he returns to the peloton quickly. I am not sure what his 2024 program was supposed to be but to have someone who podium’d in the Tour last year out long term is a sad thought.


My son and i were discussing this last night. The video makes it really obvious how hard he hit his head, but its very possible no one saw it in time to assess. There are a number of sensor solutions for other sports-having a threshold impact force that would automatically trigger the protocol seems like (almost started to write “no-brainer”) an obvious solution, but i guess the weight or loss of aero gainz is holding it back

How did his helmet not get destroyed? He rolled off holding his head. I don’t think sensors were necessary to require a formal evaluation before letting him continue.

Oh, i agree, but having something “objective” reduces the potential for overly optimistic judgments


For people that live in the US how will you watch Omloop? Do I need a flo subscription?

Any race predictions for Omloop?

Lease a Bike has a stellar line up. Im excited to see Jorgenson race, love cheering for the US. Granted he will be in a supportive role.

Dark Horse: Girmay (not the craziest dark horse)

I have been putting it off because I have been getting my race fix via Max and Peacock but I think I will be getting at least a one month subscription…

Probably too late to be helpful to anyone, but I am watching Omloop for free via the live stream on Sporza with my VPN set to Belgium. It’s in Flemish, but I just have the Cyclingnews text feed of the race up open on the side if you want some English explanation of what’s going on in different parts of the race.

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