Pro Cycling Thread 2023

And Gee is on his way to his 3rd 2nd place stage placing…but has cemented his role as a cult hero.


HERE WE GO!! Nice move from Roglic but covered by Thomas.


Slow motion bike racing… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I thought G didn’t have it but first attack closed, impressive

Epic ride from Arensman getting back on


Aggggh, gotta give Rog for some respect for that.

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Yeah, thought G was gonna steal a handful of seconds, but Rog dug deep and turned the tables at the last second.

I’m not counting out Almeida, either…

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What a ride.

G looking great, but it will be decided tomorrow with G and Rog. Brutal stage today.

Just always seems to have that kick however tired he is! Guess G needed to attack when he did as could easily have lost more time if he’d tried to just go to the line with Rog.

Well tomorrow needs a big effort for anyone to unseat G… and it looked like the bike and gearing change worked

Loved it. And my boss said we could leave an hour early today, so watched the last 2 - 3 climbs live (sneaky watching before)

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Madd respect for all three…They all made a move :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Despite my general distaste for SKY / Ineos, I’m hoping G pulls this off.

I thought Ineos has always kinda screwed the guy…was clearly the strongest rider on the team in 2018, but they still seemed like they deferred to Froome for most of the race. And then the next year, as defending champion, he had to take a back seat to Bernal.

Would like to seem him bag a second GT now.


Love it (your comment), and me.
A really intelligent rider and great sense of humour, also all those years in the service of others without question, a real team player. I really hope he brings it home and this might be his final chance and maybe only one more year as a Pro.
I honestly think Tao was the strongest in the team but we will never know.


Yes that makes sense, he also looked so strong when he did, Rog, what a fighter I didn’t expect him to come back, just like I didn’t expect G to hold onto the Rog the other day!

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In the GCN post race show, Robbie McEwen postulated that Roglič‘s 10-44 cassette was for a better chain line, not to use the 44.

If that is the case, I can almost guarantee he burned more watts chasing back on then he ever saved from a better chainline.


Yeah, Robbie’s hazarding a guess on live TV. It sounded good in the moment. Who knows what their reasoning was. Dennis said it was discussed at the team meeting that morning, and the fact that they had what they called ‘tomorrows’ bike on the rack… they had some things in mind. Was it plan A or plan B? It was planned, though.

Cycling gearing still feels very old, despite the trickle of nice innovations over the years.

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