Pro Cycling Thread 2023


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Those numbers can’t be right…424w @ 20’ calculates to a 403w FTP, but he only did 366w for an hour.

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I am. In modern cycling, the chances of radical transformations in 5 months are minimal. So ideally, racers want to see a high level as a starting point.

That being said, the quality of competition is a factor for comparisons. Here a few things things to take note:

  • Enric Mas might be in the best shape of his life by this time of the year.
  • Martinez has been seriously working on his TT
  • Remco needs 1-2 altitude camps and a couple of pounds off.
  • Jonas starting from a higher level than last year.
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Foooooook…WVA out of Strade Bianche this weekend due to illness.

Bad….We hadn’t heard much from him lately. Wondering if related

Other than the full cyclocross calendar he raced you mean?

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As in he got sick after world champs.

Disappointing, we also haven’t heard much from MVdP. I hope he’s well prepared for the Classics.

I was surprised that noone went with Benoot in the final of KBK. It really seemed like they were all just playing games, but then when it came to the sprint for second it turned out everyone was cooked. Benoot really benefited from NVH riding hard the last part of the race.

Sad news and my fav event this time of year.

Yeah, after that

For anyone in the US, how are you set up to watch racing this year? My GCN+ subscription expired 2/28 and I’m going to resubscribe to that, but what additional apps/subscriptions do you have? Is there something through Peacock that I need?

I keep expecting to see a calendar of which service broadcasts which race, but my searches are apparently pretty poor as I’m missing a complete list. Thanks!

GCN+ and a VPN is all you need….and the cheapest option. Get those two things and you can watch literally every race on the calendar.

Peacock is just awful……horrible announcers. I refuse to watch it.


Among others Paris-Nice, Paris-Roubaix, La Fleche Wallonne, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Criterium du Dauphine, Vuelta, and TDF are on Peacock

Pretty excited for Strade Bianche.

Sam Gaze getting the start as a domestique in a team supporting MVdP is pretty epic.

Wout being out is a shame, but the second tier, and general Classics specialists are really firing so I still expect it to be super competitive.

Bet Ineos are absolutely kicking themselves about now.

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Yeah, any ASO race can be found on Peacock, as they have the US rights to those races.

They don’t have a lot beyond the ASO suite, IIRC…

Still a painful experience. Again, a GCN+ sub and a VPN will get you excellent coverage, usually very good commentary and no commercials. Win-Win-Win.

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Indeed, here are the betting favorites


I looked at the last 2 editions top 10 and who will be present for 2023



Personally rooting for one of the smaller guys:

Pidcock, Pello, Alaphilippe or Higuita.

Things to pay attention:

  1. Mohoric to attack on the descend like Pogacar last year. For fun, unlikely to be consequential.
  2. Alaphilippe last season as a favorite in any race?
  3. Can Pidcock find a winning path that is not GC?
  4. Can Jumbo be relevant without VA?
  5. Bora is bringing a strong team, can they deliver?

But mainly, how can they get rid of MVDP so he doesn’t win again?

I think that question was answered last weekend, wasn’t it?

MVP has to be the overwhelming favorite…even if you get to the bottom of the final climb with him, it is a raw power climb, not a w/kg climb (see 2021).

Mohoric using the descents to try and get a gap makes sense…but that Dutch kid is pretty handy on technical stuff, too.

I still suspect Jumbo to dictate terms. They’re firing and the team is deep right now. Even without Wout.

Anyone looked up the forecast?

Partially, but here we’ll gain further clarity with a more demanding field of competitors and a more climbing type of parcour.

As mentioned in another forum, I wonder if MvdP’s form took a decline after CX Worlds, like Wout. He’s been in stealth training mode so it’s hard to tell which MvdP will show up.

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Huge win for Pidcock….his descending skills are insane.

Really great edition of Strade Bianche……race was in doubt all the way to the finish.