Pro continental base - tss / hours

Hello guys, I’m from Brazil and I’m 30 years old.

I’ve been cycling for about 4 years and training with power would say almost 3 years or less.

Okay, I had a great evolution and everything, so I go straight to the point.

today I weigh 72 kg, my last ftp test hit 383 watts / 20min.
For that I had used the 12 weeks of sst base of the traineroad, did the build too and now I entered the week of rest.

I’m a curious guy and I’ve always read a lot, today with the internet we have several sources, some good and some bad.

Researching and reading some books, I saw that continental corridors hit about 230 base hours / 12 weeks.

Of course everything can be very variable, unfortunately I don’t have the money to pay for a coach of this level.

So on account, I am thinking of adding hours to the traineroad sst base plan, so that in the end the 230 hours / 12 base weeks beat.

I would not add any interval, just to complement the missing hours I put very low endurance.
by endurance zone starts at 204 watts, so any additional hours would be just that.


1 WEEK - 9:30 - 508 TSS
2 WEEK - 9:00 - 559 TSS
3 WEEK - 9:00 - 582 TSS
4 WEEK - 9:20 - 592 TSS
5 WEEK - 9:20 - 615 TSS
6 WEEK - 8:00 - 363 TSS


1 WEEK- 15:00 - 680 TSS
2 WEEK - 17:50 - 846 TSS
3 WEEK - 21:50 - 976 TSS
4 WEEK - 12:50 - 717 TSS
5 sWEEK - 19:00 - 950 TSS
6 WEEK - 22:50 - 845 TSS

I am open to opinions and experiences.

this was a great summary and conclusion that i arrived after reading thousands of books, i know that everything will depend on how my body will approach all this, i am willing to test.


I would do 2 max 3 sst training per week and rest zone 2 training, if you have the time. Make the sweetspot blocks longer as you progress until you can ride more than 2 hours in sweetspot continuously.

Roughly what is your recent normal volume in hours and TSS per week? Have you tried to do 19+ hours of just zone 2 / endurance before in a week? What is the volume of the SSB phase you are thinking of using as a base (assuming medium or high)?