Pregnancy Mode?

Would TR consider adding a “pregnancy” mode to the software? I’m a long-time TrainerRoad user nearing the end of my first trimester, and there are a few aspects of the software that I wish would behave a bit differently for those of us growing tiny humans.

The first is TrainNow – since I’m intentionally doing less intensity, it often recommends VO2 or Threshold workouts, which are just not in the cards for me. I would love for the suggestions instead to show me a “Productive” Sweet Spot workout for the days I feel good, an “Achievable” Sweet Spot or Endurance workout for the days I feel just ok, and a Recovery-type workout for the days I feel icky but still want to get on the bike.

The second is the after-workout questionnaires for “failed” workouts. With Sweet Spot workouts, I sometimes need to bump down the intensity a few notches. When that happens I get the question about why I struggled in my workout today. I always answer “Sick,” but that doesn’t feel quite right. I wonder if, at minimum, a “Pregnancy” option could be added to that question, or better yet, if those questions could be skipped altogether for an expecting athlete. Since I’m still able to do Endurance workouts at my currently set FTP, I’d rather not drop my FTP more to make Sweet Spot workouts doable. I will fully admit that part of the answer might be not relying on an app for validation – but man would it feel good to get a “great job!” and confetti after finishing a tough (for me) workout every once in a while. :blush:

Additionally, identifying users who are pregnant could enable you to gather an impressive dataset on exercise in pregnancy - something that is very much needed.

Thanks for considering, and I’d be a willing beta tester!



Seems like a “pregnancy” option in the questionnaire makes perfect sense. Actually, your whole post makes sense :slight_smile:



Hey @sambar2345,

This is a great idea! I’ve passed this along to the rest of the team to hear. I’ve heard of similar requests in the past, so you’re not alone!

Just a small tip – if Sweet Spot workouts are a bit too difficult at any point, “Tempo” workouts might feel just right. They aren’t as commonly prescribed as Sweet Spot workouts, but there are still plenty to pick from!

Thanks again for the idea and stay in touch! :v:


Lacking other health issues, does pregnancy require less intensity? I know a few elite/pro women who trained/raced pretty much right up to the point they couldn’t comfortably get on the bike (well beyond 1st trimester).

Not being snarky - honestly curious what the current recommendation is from ObGyns/AMA/etc.

It’s worth mentioning here that anyone who is pregnant should always consult with their doctor first before making decisions/plans around exercise! :stethoscope:

There is not much high-quality evidence on exercise in pregnancy, so the guidelines are vague. My midwife’s advice for me was that I could keep doing anything that my body was used to doing prior to pregnancy as long as it felt “ok”. ACOG (the national organization of obstetrician-gynecologists) recommends “fairly light to moderately hard” exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. I remember hearing something about not exceeding 90% of max heart rate in an exercise physiology class, but I can’t find any research to back that up. I found this episode of the Sonya Looney podcast to be very helpful for me specifically, as it is geared toward cyclists/athletes.

For me, the biggest limitation in my first trimester has been feeling like garbage. Most women (myself included) have nausea and fatigue during the first trimester, which makes training less fun and much less appealing. I still got on the bike most days, but my legs would feel like lead at 80% of my previous FTP. Pushing into Threshold or VO2 would not have felt “ok”, and I felt no compulsion to try.

The nausea typically goes away by second trimester, and this has been true for me as I approach 13 weeks. I’ve felt comfortable bumping the intensity back up a bit just this past week or two. I’m still not planning to do much threshold or VO2, but that’s just my preference. My goal in pregnancy is to grow this baby, not to make fitness gains, so I’m happy with whatever feels good that day and don’t feel the need to completely empty the tank.

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