Pre Ramp Test workouts?

How important do you think it is to do three easy endurance workouts leading up to the Ramp test. I think this is the same on most plans. I’m currently on the Sustained PB LV after having done SSB 2 LV x 2 over the last 5 months. Thanks TR

The workouts falling before a Ramp Test don’t matter nearly as much as your overall levels of fatigue vs form, and how well-rested you are heading into the test. I think the easy workouts you’re mentioning are actually part of the recovery weeks we’ve built in to the plans. In that case, those are important since we want to keep your legs moving but lower the intensity and training load. You simply can’t handle training block after training block without taking some time to recover, so we’ve scheduled those in for you. :smile:

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Thanks Larry that makes a lot of sense.

I did those “easy endurance rides” in SSB LV 1 last week but I did not find them particularly easy. There was no rest at all!

Maybe I could blame it on the 6 days of downhill skiing I did between week 5 and week 6 but I am not sure about that. Maybe I suck at endurance becsuse I find hard short intervals with rest in-between easier.