PowerBreathe Plus Resistance?


Has anyone tried one theses devices? if so, how was your experience with it, any improvements in performance or in general?


I have one of these, but not used it for several years. My research on it at the time concluded it helped people with breathing difficulties, such as Asthma or pollen allergies. I used it before races to open my lungs and diaphram. Anecdotal, riders from the 60’s used to try and blow up an football bladder (really old school “Casey”) to increase their lung capacity- effect is similar to the PowerBreathe.

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My experience is similar to @Raythebike - I haven’t used it for a few years. I think the science behind it might be a little fake but I did feel it helped - and it doesn’t take too much time to to the exercise so what’s to lose ?

I keep meaning to dig mine out

I also have one and I have been using it daily for the last couple of weeks. I have asthma and allergies and I really think it helps me breathing better/deeper so I will continue using it.


I tried one. Had high hopes of using it while sitting at the computer. But I couldn’t tolerate the tremendous, copious amounts of drool produced

Hey there. Just been listening to Episode 257 and this was discussed in it and some research pointed out which I wanted to summarise and share.

Essentially, the research found an increase in performance in the exercise group on a YoYo Intermittent Recovery Test by 12% to 20% after 6 weeks. As an average, this is an increase from 1500m to 1750m, from Level 17.2 to Level 18 and in VO2 max terms, an increase of around 2 ml/kg/min (taken from the YoYo test).

Taken with the rest of the data from the experiment, they conclude that the improved tolerance can be attributed to an adaptative response to the specific IM training, rather than a result of familiarization, concurrent athletic training, or psychological phenomena.

The ‘training’ protocol for this was as recommended by PowerBreathe. That is, 30 inspiratory efforts twice per day, 6 d/week, for 6 weeks. Each effort required the subject to inspire against a pressure-threshold load equivalent to 50% P0 using the POWERbreathe device.


I’m off to buy on of these now…

Just listened to ep 257 and didn’t see much discussion about these devices (PowerBreathe, Expand-a-Lung, O2 Trainer, etc…). Has anybody used them? Any noticeable benefits?