Power Smoothing not working in KICKR '18 Standard Mode

Hi, I recently got a KICKR and I just started SSB2, Mid Vol. I usually ride in Erg mode but for Ebbetts I switched to Standard/Level mode since the ride has those 5s burst sprints. This is the first time I’ve used Standard mode in TR, and unfortunately, my power was all over the place. I used to have a Kinetic, so I’m familiar with fluid trainers and power smoothing. However, the power smoothing setting in TR does not seem to be taking any effect when I use my KICKR in Standard mode… the power numbers just jump around all over the place.

I’ve tried this on multiple devices (Windows desktop, iPad, Android phone), including disconnecting/reconnecting the sensors, reinstalling TR, logging out and back in, changing the Power Smoothing number anywhere from 1 to 30, and nothing is working. All of my devices are running the most recent version of TR to date.

Any thoughts? I found this thread from a few months ago where someone had a similar problem with a Snap, but restarting the application, logging out and back in, etc did not fix the problem for me.
Kickr Snap Power Smoothing in Standard Mode

Hey there!

This is a question perfectly suited for our Support Experts. They will be able to look into your log files and see exactly what is going on :slight_smile:

You can reach the team at support@trainerrroad.com :+1:.


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