Power is not definitive, it is a factor, the same as HR

I stopped doing pettite… It ALWAYS messed up my HR… always higher that it should…

I’ve done my share of JD as well. Can’t say that I remember much about it, though.

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mines pretty reliable. Sure there is a lag, and sure it might vary a few bpm, and I can move the needle by changing position on the bike or not drinking enough water, but otherwise its pretty reliable.

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Mine is mostly good on running. In cycling…not so much…

Not trying to push an end game or push for an alteration. Just you said I should not make assumptions, that was the only point. I pointed out TR is power based so to conclude people are here using power was quite safe and not an assumption.

Might I suggest spending a little more and stepping up to Wild Turkey Rare Breed? $0.02.


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Just a thought… doesn’t the workout text sometimes mention HR, especially when you’re working on cadence?

Like I said before, HR is a factor.

I’d maintain it’s an internal factor rather than an external one (200w is always 200w, whereas 150bpm can be a reflection of a dozen or more things), but it’s a factor.

Has anyone actually nay-sayed that?

I would counter that HR is an indicator rather than a factor…

It may indicate you are tired or you didn’t rest, or dehydrated, or many other things…
But to me, I have never use it as a factor, other than decide if I need to slow down during the recovery days…

Not saying that is not an important metric to keep an eye tho

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I don’t think we’re disagreeing, we’re just using language slightly differently. :+1:

As I noted earlier in the thread, I just use it to check nothing is ‘off’, especially if it’s all feeling a bit of a slog (or unusually easy).

I’m just trying to work out exactly what the argument is here? :man_shrugging:t2:

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There is no argument put forth. The OP put forth an emperor has no clothes type of discovery.


I do sometimes :smiley: I stopped tracking HR two years ago or so. I monitor it for running only, I will check HR on endurance race efforts I suppose.

More broadly I think there are three kinds of users;

  1. Training is a secondary activity to riding: just use power, get it done, move on.
  2. Long time indoor trainers: track power, HR, volume and TSS
  3. Statos: everything from HRV to blood oxygenation and it’s all important

I started off as a 3 and a novice to exercise, probably now a 2 but struggling to become a 1 and finally free! :smiley:

I use HR quite a bit in running and riding. I have found over time certain HR levels that I can predict blow up time. When in a group ride for example, if i get to about 168 to 170, I know i have to back off, doesnt matter the heat/codl/coffee no coffee - I ave about 5 minutes left. I then bring it back down about 10 bpms for a rest and can go again. Same in running - about same bpm too. I now have a Powermeter and is interesting to now learn this correlation.

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I’m guessing that’s going to be LT2 HR?

Very likely. I can tell just by feel when I am at that point. I just did Spencer +2 today and like clockwork about 1 min in was getting to that HR and knew I can make it to the end of the interval (2 more mins), but if i was asked to continue, wouldn’t happen.

Funnily I specifically said I’m not saying power is the Emporer’s new clothes :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: