Power Expert saddle issue

I think I have a Power Expert saddle. It ran me about $150 or so 3 months ago. I noticed this evening a knocking sound when sitting on the saddle. I took it off and noticed the rail is a little loose. Is this an issue that can be fixed or will I have to get a new saddle? If a new saddle is the solution I’m fairly certain I can get a warranty replacement since I’m in the first year of purchase. Thank for input!

Probably best to find a local Specialized dealer if possible, or contact their global support so they can review the saddle and determine any action. If it ends up being a manufacturer defect, they will likely offer a replacement.

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I have the same problem with mine, although it took over a year for it to happen. I have other power saddles that are older and they are fine, so i dont think its a widespread defect