Power average little ball thingy

Hello just had my first failure on a workout. I failed and hour in to Thor i have numerous excuses, but will save them for another day hahaha. So the question i have is during the sprint ervals i was having to over shoot the power target by quite a bit for the little ball thing to hit the line. Also if i didn’t over shoot the power at the end of the interval it would show that i didn’t make the power target it would say for example 312/342. So do i ignore the little ball thing and just ride to power, or do i have to over shoot?

I am using a pretty low end smart trainer and there is a big delay in it changing resistance. So for any workouts like this i tend to shift it to resistance mode as it cant cope with a big change of power over shorter durations. Hope this makes sense thanks in advance

Ignore the ball. Just try to hit the target power from moment to moment. Particularly for short sprint intervals, the average will lag, sometimes a lot.

Ignore the ball.


Thanks for the reply. It lags a lot on my trainer haha. I’ll use that as one of my excuses for failing an hour in today. Stupidly pushing 80watts over just to hit an average, i’ll know better next time

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As above, ignore the ball. Also ignore the trainer lag, because if it lags on the start, it lags at the end. You are most likely getting the full effect of the interval, it is just shifted a few seconds.


I always thought that the little ball was cadence. Am I wrong?

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It is your average wattage for the current target interval.

Ahh. Thank you.