Post from my blog: Getting Started With Indoor Training

I put this blog post together to introduce people to indoor training. (and drive them to our mailing list). It’s not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but an introduction for beginners.

It outlines basic elements of equipment and software that our teaching and training crew have tried that works over the last few years. We believe that it’s worth getting average riders into indoor training. And we find that a lot of online material is far too technical, too broad, and intimidating for many people.

This material is not intended to be fully comprehensive or authoritative. Just informative. I have tried to provide some support for the ideas, mostly around my own opinions and experiences. (I have NOT cited content from other websites including the TR website, but nothing has been intentionally or otherwise plagiarized)

I’m putting it up here in case it has value to our broader TR community.
Comments are welcome, especially if you feel something can (or should) be improved.

Great article, Mike! I liked the elevator pitch about TR, you hit the nail on the head there. With getting into indoor training being so technical and difficult for people new to this world, articles like yours serve a huge purpose!

One tweak I would recommend is adding Setup #2.5, which is a power meter and a classic trainer. Usually the most cost-effective, this setup lets riders track their power on the bike (not the trainer) so it’s valuable indoors and out. There’s also a consistency of measurement aspect that is usually understated.


I added paragraph 3 under Setup #2 to cover off the option too.
Thanks man !


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