Post-Crit Hip Pain

I’ve just started doing a few crits and I’ve found myself coming off the bike with bad hip pain on both sides. It feels bad on the outside of the hip and I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not used to sitting in the drops for an entire hour?

I’ve had a bike fit and previously had IT band issues but have been issued free for a while.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Not being accustomed to riding in the drops for extended periods could be a contributing factor here for sure. It would probably be worth it to practice doing so during your training rides so you can get used to that position a bit more.

If you don’t ride in the drops much at all, you could start with riding in them for a few minutes on/off at a time. As you get comfortable, try to extend the amount of time you spend in the drops.

Stretching and foam rolling would probably help you out as well. Here are a few stretches that could be beneficial:

I think it’s well worth getting used to riding in the drops, especially for crit racing. Besides the aerodynamic advantages of being lower, you’ll also bring your center of gravity down more. This will help you with cornering harder, which is important in crits!

If the issue persists, I think it would be worth getting in touch with your bike fitter again and/or seeing a physiotherapist.

Reckon trust your instincts and intuition here. Could definitely be the case. And along with training your ability to be in the drops with sustainable comfort and power, also look for opportunities to come up out of the drops during races. There will be plenty of them once you look.