Possibly non bib ideas for all day comfort

Maybe an odd question but here goes. If I’m on my road bike or gravel bike I wear bib shorts and when I’m out on the MTB I use a bib liner. All with pads and I use the same saddle throughout without issue. I have a part time job teaching people how to ride on the road which is fantastically rewarding however I’m getting a little saddle sore after a day or two.

I’m using my old hard tail and wearing a mixture of walking trousers with various types of underwear - I’ve tried avoiding seams and gone for none cotton fabrics but don’t seem to be able to find anything that doesn’t “chafe”.

I’ve worn bibs a couple of times under shorts and walking trousers but after 6 hours don’t think they’re that “healthy” for the under carriage and have still got a little sore. Just wearing bib shorts or longs isnt an option.

The days involve some standing around with a bit of ridding/demo-ing.

Anyone got any clothing recommendations or suggestions (UK Based) or maybe other ways to approach this ? I’m also out all weathers…

Maybe a padded saddle?


Padded underwear perhaps ? Altura Tempo Under Shorts | Waist Shorts | Wiggle

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Another padded boxer brief option:

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How about long MTB trousers with a liner?

Saw for example Endura ones on sale at Wiggle.

Don’t get a padded saddle, the bigger contact area will make it worse.

Also might check the saddle angle/height of the bike you’re using, maybe it’s different? Different shoes also affect saddle hight, so if you’re teaching in flats and riding in cleats, the saddle mighy need to be different height.

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If you’re out coaching all day do you travel there in a van/car with kit? All my MTB coaching has met in a car park with the coach coming with cones/ramps/other coaching kit.

If so I’d stick with bibs and chamois cream but at lunch change out of them and give yourself a wipe with a antibac wipe and then dry out. Then for next session a fresh set of shorts.

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Liner shorts are your friends!

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Thanks to all for the replies and suggestions. I’ve ordered some stuff and will see how it works out.

I haven’t ordered a padded saddle having done a bit more digging around on that.

@firemunki unfortunately there’s no changing facilities as its a different venue most days and yes i have to travel with kit in car though if any of them are nearer I intend to cycle straight there. So I’m now going to have to look for pannier racks and bags to make that work.

@m-a-t-t thanks for the discount code :+1:

I used to have a pair of shorts I really liked for casual cycle touring (worn under baggies & riding a brooks saddle). I thought they were cycling waist-shorts but they had a pad about half or a third of the thickness of any cycle shorts I’ve ever owned - basically just an anti-friction layer which sounds like what you want here.

I never did find out what they were but my closest guess was maybe triathlon jammers or some other kind of Tri training garment? Worth a look if you’ve got a place you can go examine such a garment in person.

@HLaB - superb recommendation with the Altura tempo undies. Minimal padding but enough for all day comfort and as the pad doesn’t come too far up the front of the shorts no overheating down below.

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