Possible to score too high on ramp test?

Sorry if been asked before but is it possible to get an exaggerated result from the ramp test?

At the end of the test I just about managed to get off the bike and ended up laying over my fan for 10 mins holding back the vomit.

The training since feels right, SS base 1, challenging but achievable. When it steps up we will see what happens.
I know already from the first 2 weeks that through traditional 1 hour / 20min tests I could not get the same numbers - hence query that if you are someone who can go deep as hell for 3-4 mins you can overachieve on the ramp test.


The different ramp tests suit riders differently depending on their strengths or weaknesses, so you can certainly perform better on one style of test compared to another, but I would argue that it’s very difficult to overachieve though.

Like you said, you’ve smashed out a high test score and the training since has been challenging but achievable so in actual fact, you underachieved on the other tests :wink:


I’ll go with that!


By nature of the ramp, you should feel totally empty at the end, so it sounds like you did it right!

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