Poll: Plan builder advertisement on forum

What do you guys think? I don’t like it as it is too prominent on mobile devices.

  • It’s super annoying take it off
  • Meh, it’s there but I don’t mind

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I’ve voted that I don’t mind but it is a little too “in your face” on mobile - maybe tone it down a little?

Which one do you want toned down?

Edit: got it now.

Yeah I was referring to the ad :+1:

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Just a thought: Maybe don’t show the advertisement to people logged into the forum with a TR account?
Edit: Just found the original thread where ppl. already suggested the same…


Might be nicer to only have it on the main page, rather than in every thread?

can’t say ive ever seen this advert


Me neither, I’m beginning to think there are conditions attached to who sees it - anyone from the UK seen it?

Yep, lots of times

Yes I see it all the time now on mobile but it takes about 0.001 second to scroll past. It isn’t an issue.

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Have never seen it.

Never seen it either. Opened the forum incognito and there I saw it - kind of annoying. On a whim, I set my UI prefs to light mode when logged in and NOW I SEE IT. So, go dark mode, no ad!

Thank me later.