Poll on wattage targets for outside workouts on Garmins

Not on the 935. Not sure if other Garmin’s can add it

Garmin, at least on the 530, does have a “target power” field and “time to go” and “Reps to go” and a million other ones. https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge530/EN-US/GUID-53FC7978-187F-4E53-AA33-04853F86B05F.html

But for some reason the default workout view does not use these or any other metrics a normal person would like to look at during a workout.

Just make your own page.

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most edge units have a target power field but its only for indoor trainer use when connecting via ant+ . Only workaround i’ve found is to have the garmin standard workout screen one data screen after my custom workout data screen and then its only one swipe or click ( with the wireless di2 unit ) if i need to check the power target.

I use this: