Poll: Cycling addiction or common sense?

Today, two days prior to a multi-day bike trip I found out there is a small tear in my carbon road bike frame. As there is not enough time to repair it I have to arrange an alternative bike. I do not want to go on my CX bike. For various random reasons, but mainly because it feels old. The most obvious solution, of course, would be to rent a road bike for a week and do the trip. But, as I’ve been looking to replace the CX bike for a while, my mind directly jumped to “Now it’s really time to buy that new bike! It’s even necessary and will save me the rental money!.”

Now the question: Is this my cycling addiction talking or common sense?

We’ve seen these threads before. The age old attempt to get validation for what you really want to do which is buy a new bike!!! :grinning:


Addiction for addition :wink:.

Probably a local specific question, but in a lot of parts of the world it seems like quite a stretch to get a bike in the right size on the spot / get it build up in time.

Personally if it’s a week long trip I’d rather ride a old and proofen solution than a new one.


Yes ofc and the conformation I’m not crazy :wink:

I may have found one that was already on my short list. :crossed_fingers: if it’s really the right fit.

I’m going to go against the grain and recommend taking the CX bike. Sure, it’s old, but it’s a known quantity, you know what maintenance has been done, you know there’s nothing broken, and most importantly, you know it fits right. When the trip is over, you’ll remember the journey, not the bike.

I always avoid making a big change or doing big maintenance on my bike before a big trip, and it really doesn’t get much bigger than a whole new bike. I wouldn’t want to buy a new bike and take it on a multi-day trip untested. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall back in love with your CX bike, or if not, those new bikes at the shop will still be there when you get back.

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I’d get that tear in the road frame fixed, carbon repair is pretty great these days. The way stock seems to be flying off the shelves you might not be able to get a new frame for a while!

I will get it fixed, but it won’t be ready before my trip.


That sounds very wise. I’ll keep it in mind when testing the new CX tomorrow.

Just buy the bike and stop seeking justification for it - if you can afford it and it won’t cause distress go for it though if you’re going to rush around and not be quite ready for your trip leave it.
Worse thing would be to get it in a hurry, find out after a few days on the road it’s not the right bike for you and regret the purchase. What’s that old saying - buy in haste, repent at leisure.

On second thoughts, go on the CX,

on third thoughts… :laughing: :sweat_smile: :laughing: