Polarized Specialty Phase

Anybody have any input on formulating a polarized specialty phase? I switched this year to the Polarized plan after getting run down on SS base and sustained power plans the last two years. I broke through a 1.5 year plateau on my FTP and had a nearly 25 watt increase on my ftp. With training this year I never really had any weeks where I felt bunt out or excessively fatigued. I loaded up the Criterium specialty plan and am just blown away with how much intensity is in this plan. Seems like this would lead to a burn out prior to an A event. What workouts are most important at this point?

Which volume POL plans you followed? Essentially, how many Hard and Easy days did you do typically?

Outside of that, I think the Tue or Thur (typical plan days) are possibly the “key” workouts. You could keep one of both of those (depending on your needed volume) and do so based upon the types of efforts you think matter most (VO2 vs Anaerobic).

What’s your goal? Specialty plan are exactly what the name suggest. It’s to get you ready for a specific event or race season. So it’s normal for a crit plan to have a fair amount of high intensity work aimed at repeatability. If you don’t have a specific goal and you just want to get fitter and get a higher FTP, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing with a polarized plan.

I hear you. I tried to do the TT specialty plan one year and bailed after 1 week. If I followed that plan I would have been way too over-trained to even race a real 40K TT.

I think the idea for Polarized would be to make one of your hard days mimic the event you are training for. So, if you are training for an A crit, use the Saturday for crit type efforts or race lots of B/C crits.

For me, training for a state TT A race I would use Sat or Sunday to do a B/C TT, practice TT or a longer ride with maybe 20min TT efforts.

This Dylan video gives a pretty good idea:

I did the Polarized mid volume plan with long out door Sunday rides. Tuesday VO2 max and Saturday Threshold days. I would then add in as much Zone 2 rides as possible, usually 3 days. 8-10 hours per week. Im focusing on crits and shorter road races this year with Tulsa Tough as my A event. I’m leaning towards Anearobic repeats and using my c and b races as other high intensity day in the week.

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