Polarized in between SSB?


I am fairly new to Trainerroad, but not to structured training. I am not superfit, but I have increased volume continuously over the last two years.

I know, based on lab test, that my weakness is very little fat usage, i.e general fitness.

Nevertheless, due to time restrictions, i can’t follow the ideal low intensity training plan.

I am currently in traditional base lv 2 and plan to to ssblv 1 and 2. because of more time and more outside time I think about putting polarized LV in between. Do you think this would make sense? Ssb2 would be then closer to the season (gran fondos), which might also work, if I compare it to sustainable power build.

What do you think, recommend?

If I understand you correctly you are training for general fitness with a clear objective of being in the best shape possible for the Grand Fondo season. Being new to TR and their plans I think it is excellent opportunity to get familiar with the plans. They all build basic fitness in different ways and trying them out provide useful information about how you respond to these approaches.

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