Podcast & YouTube Equipment and Software

So here is an equipment geek question from a different direction.

The quality of the podcast and YouTube production are great! Kudos to everyone involved! Can you describe and explain your recording and production process (including equipment and software) you use? Microphones, recording/editing software (Logic Pro or Audible, Adobe?), post processing (Auphonic), host, etc. I ran several searches, but did not find this question asked/answered earlier.

What is the connection to YouTube and the podcast software? What are those connections?

This is a question posted in the LinkedIn podcasting group. Since the TrainerRoad podcast and now YouTube show are so well done, your answer here will help many others.:+1:

Thank you, in advance!

@jeffott did you ever figure out what they’re using? They do such a great job with the production; would love to know what tools they work with.

Agreed… and no. Never received a reply. I suspect it has changed notably since my question back in 2019, the focus on the co-production with YouTube and of course, Covid.

From a production point of view, I’d still like to know what is used though. :nerd_face:


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