Podcast question [play nice energy systems?]

There was a podcast where Chad brings up “play nice energy systems”. Doing sprints inside zone 2, 88% ftp floats in Spanish needle and zone 2 after SS. Anyone remember which episode that was?

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AACCP Ep 259. * Why training all your energy systems in one workout is not efficient training

My notes at the time:

Unfavourable Mixed Training

Sprints before Anaerobic repeats
Too similar in terms of fibre recruitment
Workload moves to lower level fibres

Vo2 with recoveries at aerobic rather than full recoveries
I.e. recover at 60% rather than 50 or 40%.

Long slow endurance before ME (SST or Threshold)
you are fatiguing the muscles. Accumulated fatigue impacts later work - like running out of energy.

Complementary Effects Systems

Sprints during Aerobic ride
End - targetting fatigue across fibre types - slow-twitch can’t be used.
At beginning, get more power and also nerve potentiation.
Middle, bit of both.
Useful for race-specific training.

VO2 with steady-state instead of recovery
120 with float at 88%.
High level of oxygen consumption.
Can be event specific.

ME then AE.
Add on low intensity to add to insufficient stimulus from ME work.


Wow thank you!