Podcast guests - who would you like?

Can we have @Nate_Pearson make a guest appearance please?


Not sure if either have been on before, but how about Tyler Pearce, the Vegan Cyclist, and Ted King…two interesting guests for sure, brah…


Lets here from some National champs with normal jobs.

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@Nate_Pearson , @Jonathan, I’d LOVE to have you talk with Josh Poertner. In listening to his Marginal Gains podcast, he’s fascinating to chat with. His chat with Damon Rinard is a gem! Josh Talks With Cycling Icon Damon Rinard – Marginal Gains Podcast

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How about Lance. :wink:

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Chris Boardman would be an interesting one. It would be good to have Tom Pidcock, too, as he transitions from cross.

I’d be really interested in getting on an old pro (someone like Andy Hampsten maybe - could also ask him about his frame building) and asking them how they trained back in the day.,

Some great suggestions above: Neil Stanbury and Phil Gaimon in particular.

Tim Cusick.

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Chris Carmichael

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Dylan Johnson :man_shrugging:

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Orla Walsh. Professional track sprinter for Ireland.

I think she has a really interesting back story which she doesn’t attempt to hide.

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Michael Hutchison (Dr Hutch)

She’s amazing. Did you catch that docu on GCN+?

I haven’t watched it, yet. It is bookmarked for a future long indoor ride.