Podcast guests - who would you like?

thanks for the rec dude!! Much appreciated!

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thanks man! You nailed it. Cycling 100% changed the trajectory of my life. Was in a pretty dark spiral at age 26 when I got into the sport. My mtb was stolen, and a friend said, “you suck off road (no offense) but are always hammering between parks; get a road bike!”

Had some mentors in our local club and they pushed me to get better. Mid-training race, a guy says: “you need to be in that break, GO” and I said, “Now?” and he said “NOW!”, and I bridged up…

I won the A race and it felt amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I was celebrating a training race in my head like it was a massive deal because to me, IT WAS!

So many people put a hand out to help me, and I want to share this passion and help anyone that I can.

And you’re correct, I have a coaching business, but I truly enjoy sharing content that can help someone that can’t afford to spend a ton each season to have someone go through the journey with them. If everything had to be paid for, I would never have learned so much! So I feel it’s important to put out videos and blogs and talk about the things that most don’t.

Have an awesome day! Thanks for the upvote!

TR Community is the best out there.


Super informative and inspiring Brendan! I’m 26 and just got into cycling. With some of your training tips and other advice I’m really close to category 2. Hoping for a covid free schedule next season so I can achieve some of my goals. Keep up the good work! Thanks again :call_me_hand:

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Awesome!!! Keep crushing it!!

Brendan John Housler

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Another friendly bump for Teniel Campbell.

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I’d love to hear from either Rebecca Fahringer or Clara Honsinger.

Given the season, Jeremy Powers…

He’s taken.

A rather quick search shows that he’s done plenty of podcasts, other than his own, since joining GCN. I’m assuming that was your point unless there is something else I’m unaware of. He would be a great guest.