Plus rides throughout plan - madness?

Interesting question here - would welcome if anyone has experienced or even tried this?

Background 55 year old male, 93 kgs (ish) and FTP around 280 at the mo (peaked at 302 last year but then the turbo broke so it was rollers only for a while)

Started out on SS LV again at the start of the year - I thought I had more time to myself and was looking forward to throwing in more outside rides for volume and then we had a the lockdown message (UK based) and the kids are now at home instead of school. They’re of an age where I can’t just leave them alone in the house but I can either set up the rollers in the kitchen and use it with the bike with the PM or pop into the garage and use the turbo on the days the wife is around. So I can’t get in any more days training on the bike other than the three days. So I decided to push myself on those three days by swapping the rides for plus versions - ad hoc depending on how i’m feeling

Wk 1 - after ramp test straight into Homers Nose and then swapped Ericcson for the plus 2
Wk 2 - Monitor went to the plus 2 version and Antelope plus one went to plus 4

The IF of the rides aren’t that different but obviously the TSS kicks up a bit - which I am feeling fine with.

So has anyone tried this through a whole plan and what were their experiences and can anyone see any pitfalls?

Be interesting to see the outcome and I will keep peeps posted if anyone is interested.