Please sign the petition to save racing at Floyd Bennett Field!

Floyd Bennett Field is an abandoned airfield and public park in New York, NY that has been the home to a weekly race series for 25 years. A private company has increased the permit fees dramatically, preventing racing from continuing. Please sign this petition to lower the fee so that racing can continue: Petition · Save Cycling at Floyd Bennett Field! ·

Here is a video from a few years back showcasing the race: Tuesday Night Special on Vimeo

Thank you for your support! I highly recommend the venue should you ever find yourself in New York.

Not a NY resident but I signed it anyhow. Little surprised (and curious) to see the NPS hand over responsibility over to a private company for public land. Perhaps I don’t know nearly enough about similar agreements but would like to. Even more surprised to hear the rates were hiked that much to use public lands.


Happy to report that they came to an agreement. First race will be June 4. It’s a great race!


Nice! I haven’t raced there before but I’ll try to make it out if I’m in the city on a Tuesday.