Planning for a few weeks off

Hi folks. Pretty new structured training and trainerroad. I’m looking for some advice about my plan over the next few months.

Im moving to Australia in April and will have to quarantine in a hotel for a couple of weeks (and likely have an extra week or two off around the move). This all falls in the middle my specialty phase. I’m not training for any races and Im guessing that top end fitness from the build and specialty phase will likely be knocked off as a result of the move.
Is it worth changing the plan to focus on something else (base etc)? Or as is it still worth going through the process of the higher intensity training before I take a break?
Thanks for any thoughts.

Seems like sticking with the plan, and then possibly restarting with Base or whatever Plan Builder gives you for a redo (assuming your future events come into play) would be fine.

I would move back to base as a month is quite a bit of time off.
To be honest, you’re going to have a lot of stress with the move and getting things organised once you’re in Australia, so it would be better to relax and not put any pressure on yourself to rush back into training.
It’s summer time in Australia too, so it might be more fun exploring the new roads / trails before resuming any structure.

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